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Martin Wintsch, who is my 3rd great grandfather, was born in Volketschwil or Volketswil, Zurich, Switzerland December 22, 1776, son of Johannes Wintsch and Elisabeth Stauber. He was the 2nd child of 11 children and grew up in Volketswil, Zurich, Switzerland.

On 12 June 1802, he married my 3rd great grandmother, Regula Sauernmann who was born November 21, 1779. She was the daughter of Hans Jakob Saurenmann and Elisabeth Frei. She was born and raised in Bisikon, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland. He was 3 years older than she.

From this union were born 3 lovely children: Casper Wintsch, who is my 2nd great grandfather through his son Henry Sr., who is my great grandfather then his daughter Louise), Verena Wintsch who married Hans Ulrich Bryner and Hans Ulrich Wintsch, who died young, 15 months old.

They had only been married around 4 years when Martin died on 7 May 1806 at Volketswil, Zurich, Switzerland and their youngest child died 21 days later. There must have been some epidemic or flu. Martin was 30 years of age at the time of his death.

I am sure this brought much sadness and hardships into the lives of Regula and her 2 children. Caspar was only 3 years old and Verena 2 years old.

About a year later Regula Sauernmann Wintsch married her 2nd husband Hans Jakob Vollenweider. He was born in April 1774 at Bisikon, Zurich, Switzerland. We do not have his parents’ names, and by our records, he was not married before. He was 5 years older than she.

To this union was born 5 children: Hans Heinrich Vollenweider, Barbara Volllenweider, Magdalena Vollenweider, Adelheid Vollenweider, and Heinrich Vollenweider.

On august 10, 1817, her husband Hans Jakob Vollenweider died, they having been married about 10 years. This was another sad occasion for her, and she was yet to have another sadness when her baby who was born 1 ½ months before her husband died, also died 1 ½ months after her husband on October 4, 1817.

After being married about 14 years and at the age of 38, she had lost two husbands and two babies. Now she was alone with six children under the age of 14.

Two years later she married her 3rd husband, Kaspar Wylimann, who was born February 26, 1769,at Bisikon, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland. He is our 3rd great grandfather through the Wylimann or Willemann line. He was 10 years older than she. They had two children, Barbara Wylimann and Kaspar Wylimann.

Kaspar Wylimann had been married before, to Regula Mader, and they had had 9 children. He had lost wife and 4 children in death, and had 5 children to care for His oldest was a daughter and she was 26 but unmarried.

So into this family moved Kaspar Wylimann with his 4 children, and Regula Saurenmann Wintsch Vollenweider with her 2 living children by her first husband Martin Wintsch, and 4 living children by her second husband Hans Jakob Vollenweider, her oldest being a boy of 16. This made 10 children to care for.

Kaspar Wylimann died March 10, 1837 and Regula died October 30, 1846 at the age of 67 years. They had been married 20 years.

Regula Sauernmann Wintsch Vollenweider Wylimann had 10 children. They were all sealed to her and her first husband Martin Wintsch.

Regula’s oldest son Caspar Wintsch married his mother’s 3rd husband’s oldest and youngest daughters, Dorothea Wylimann and Anna Wylimann. I come through both of these lines. Dorethea Wylimann was 10 years older than Caspar.

Additional note by Merne Livingstone 5 April 2008:

Casper married Dorothea Weilemann 2 Feb. 1824. Dorothea was born 12 Sep 1793. They had three children, Rudolph born 16 Oct 1825, Henry born 20 Apr 1828 and Barbara born 1830. Dorothea died 22 Feb 1835.

Casper then married Dorothea’s sister, Anna Weilemann 25 May 1835. She was born 30 May 1807. They had seven children: Jacob born 29 Aug 1837, Magdalena born 3 Mar 1839, Hans Heinrich born 1842, John Ulrich born 3 Mar 1843, Elizabeth born about 1846, Louisa born 13 Feb 1849, and Anna Carolina born 12 Jan 1851.

Caspar Wintsch lost his wife Anna while travelling across the plains with a pioneer company, 4 Sep 1862, west of Omaha, Nebraska. When he reached Lehi, Utah, he married Margarethe Kuhn, whom he had known in Switzerland. They had two children, Mary who was born 11 April 1865, and Emma who was born 13 April 1866. Caspar died 30 August 1866, and little Emma died 11 September 1867. Margaretha later married David or William Bjork or Burk 8 Nov 1866 at Lehi, Utah. They had one daughter Susan Bjork, born 6 April 1868, who died about the same time as her father.

Caspar’s cousin, Hans Ulrich Bryner Jr. born 1827, heard of her plight and wrote her. Said he would take care of her and her children, so they were married in Salt Lake City 1 Nov 1868. Margaretha had an older son Heinrich who also lived with them.

In 2006 Margaretha was sealed to each of her three husbands and the children were all sealed to their own fathers, whereas they had previously been sealed to Hans Ulrich Bryner and Margaretha.